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WMF Horror Movie Friday -Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offers is an atmospheric gem. A family of three rents the old family home of an elderly brother and sister who care for their housebound mother. The siblings rent it out infrequently yet still state they can only rent … Continue reading

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WMF Horror Movie Friday -What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

“You wouldn’t be able to do these awful things to me if I weren’t still in this chair.” “But you *are*, Blanche! You *are* in that chair!” I love this movie. It is hard, vindictive, and ugly in all the … Continue reading

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WMF Horror Movie Friday -Gothic

Remember that party where everyone was wasted and annoying, you were completely sober, and it was a whole bunch of not fun? That was my feeling upon rewatching Gothic last Friday for my WMF horror movie showing. I purchased the … Continue reading

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