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WMF Horror Movie Friday – Stir of Echoes

Poor Stir of Echoes had the misfortune of coming out at the same time as The Sixth Sense which was just all around unfortunate because it is just a wonderful little movie. I think could have made quite a mark … Continue reading

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Representation Matters

I think it is not only important how we represent ourselves, but also what media we consume because dollars support creation. More money going into movies that only provide laughable stereotypes tells the system that more of them should be … Continue reading

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As happens with my conversations one topic meanders to another..

Yesterday I spoke of documentaries being a labor of love, but sometimes love goes wrong. These documentaries are windows to when enjoyment turns to obsession. Room 237 I have to admit to you the first time I saw this I … Continue reading

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I did a thing part 2

Hidden Gems of Horror Part 2  Fanboy News Network Episode 11 Jeff is joined by Jennifer Lovely ( and Michael Montoure ( as they continue their discussion about little known of rarely viewed horror films that they think horror fans should be paying attention to.

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An addendum to the hidden gems podcast

This last weekend I did a podcast of all the movies I felt needed a little extra publicity because they aren’t that well known. A point that I made, in the podcast, was that there are a list of movies … Continue reading

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Comedies are problematic

I really don’t like many comedies. What causes many people to laugh just leaves me staring nonplussed at the screen. Usually after about fifteen minutes of not laughing I typically turn off the movie and return it to Netflix unwatched. … Continue reading

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