WMF – The Night of the Demons


Blatantly stolen from Michael Montoure’s Tumblr:
Night of the Demons!

Here’s a little context for last night’s liveblogging:

Usually, the horror movies at jenniferlovely‘s weekly Friday night gatherings are ones she has carefully curated and chosen, quality movies she can stand behind. But occasionally, when she’s feeling indulgent, she’ll show movies requested by others ….

As was the case last night, when we saw Night of the Demons, a 1998 supernatural slasher flick that really wants to be Evil Dead when it grows up, just because gothiccharmschool really wanted to watch it.

It’s …. it’s not a good movie. But we certainly had a fun time watching it.

In attendance: the aforementioned jenniferlovely and her Don’t Read The Latin podcast co-host michaelmontoure ; gothiccharmschool and her brother fanboy-news-network ; and our friends Kevin, Liz, and Sean.

If you missed our snarky, context-free quotes last night, you can check out our posts tagged “night of the demons.”

Tune in Monday for the next episode of the podcast, when we’re talking about Guilty Pleasure Horror Movies! (We definitely feel guilty about watching this one, but we’re not 100% sure about the “pleasure” part.)

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