DRtL Episode 20: Guilty Pleasures!

DRtL Episode 20: Guilty Pleasures!

First, a word of warning. At one point during this episode, we propose a drinking game — that you drink every time we say something to the effect of, “This is not a good movie.” Do not do this. You will die.

That said — join Michael and Jennifer as we drag our secret stash of schlock out from the back of our video collections into the light. First we define just exactly what it is we mean when we call something a “guilty pleasure,” and then we’re off and running! Expect lots of giggling in this episode.

The Movie List

Here’s your list of IMDb links to all the movies mentioned in this episode! (We also mention a lot of television shows toward the end of the episode, but we traditionally haven’t included TV shows in this list. Maybe we should start? Or add a separate list? Let us know what you think.


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