A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night


I have been ruminating on this movie since I saw it two weeks ago. It is a modern day fairytale in the vein of the original Grimm stories where there aren’t happy endings and no one was innocent. There is a quote about the movie that defines it perfectly, but I haven’t been able to trace it back to the originator, “If Sergio Leone and David Lynch had an Iranian rock ‘n’ roll baby, and then Nosferatu came and babysat for them…” The movie is a perfect blend of a surreal setting, a gritty western mentality, a melancholy heart with the tiniest idea of romance as interpreted by those who have only read about it in books. Having the movie entirely in Farsi  lends to it’s foreign nature. The soundtrack is the winding soul to the experience. It’s blend of Iranian rock and rock, traditional chords intertwined with pop delights while occasionally tossing you on your ear musically. It is going to be released by Death Waltz Recording Company which I think suits the film completely.

Death Waltz Recording Company
 A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night – Official Soundtrack

1. Charkhesh-E Pooch by Kiosk
2. Gelaye by Radio Tehran
3. Dancing Girls (Original Mix) by Farah
4. Bashy by The Free Electric Band
5. Sarcophagus by Federale
6. Black Sunday by Federale
7. 15 Hishe Ayn Ore (Remember That Day?) by Bei Ru
8. Death by White Lies
9. Khabnama by Radio Tehran
10. Thirsty’s Return by Federale
11. Cheshme Man by Dariush
12. Tatilat by Radio Tehran
13. Yarom Bia by Kiosk
14. The Veil by Bei Ru

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