WMF Horror Movie Friday -Burnt Offerings



Burnt Offers is an atmospheric gem. A family of three rents the old family home of an elderly brother and sister who care for their housebound mother. The siblings rent it out infrequently yet still state they can only rent it to theĀ right people. After they are completely charmed by the wife they agree not only to rent the home to them, but for a price the family cannot refuse. The only sidenote is they will have to care for the elderly mother who never leaves her room. So for the measly price of hand delivered meals to the mother and a flat rate of $900 for the entire summer they have the run of this large beautiful home. As you might imagine, hijinks then ensue.

All of the actors bring their A game. Oliver Reed is alternately loving, charismatic, and frightening. Bette Davis, while at the end of her career, never feels like she is phoning in her performance. Karen Black is sweet, yet sometimes otherworldly. Eileen Heckart and Burgess Meredith, in their brief appearance, chew the scenery as the delightfully devious brother and sister.

This 1976 film really shows its age. But if you love a gently moving, atmospheric horror this may be just the film for you.


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  1. Bryan Lovely says:

    Bette Davis was perfect as a stroppy old broad — alternately cussing and assertive, friendly and accommodating, or vexed by her own age-related weakness. Mostly just old and experienced and experienced enough not to give a shit if she didn’t feel like it. (She rather reminded me of my mother’s sister Jane, if she’d lived another ten years.)

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