Why I am proud to own my physical movies.

I used to feel embarrassed about my movie love. I felt like I needed to apologize for how often I watched movies, how much I spent on them, how many I purchased. But finally I hit a point where I am able to accept who I am. I love that I am a go-to person for movie knowledge and trivia. I have this movie blog, and I started a horror movie podcast. Recently in a  discussion with a friend he mentioned that I am the purveyor of the indie, the unknown, and the hard to find. This give me a real sense of pride in knowing that my interest and love isn’t just for me. It is an awesome thing to share with others; like making a good meal, it just tastes better when shared.

So my soapbox moment is this, it is important to own my media. It is important to buy it via legitimate means. I love film. I want movies that I like to continue to be made. For that to happen I need to give them money. Also I don’t want a computer glitch, or a studio decision to make my movie disappear out of my grubby little paw. I own the means to play several types of media and have multiple types of players because some movies don’t exist on DVD, Blu Ray, or sometimes even VHS. Is VHS my preferred way to own a movie? Hell no. Am I going to be tossing out my copy of Big Night anytime soon? No freaking way! I also have a shelf of laserdisc titles I can’t get any other way, or even just for the extras that don’t exist in any other formats (or, in the case of The City of Lost Children, a better translation in the subtitling). Storage is a pain in the ass, I will be the first to admit, but I don’t want internet speeds to control the quality of my movie. and I want something I can loan to friends or give to my kid someday.

Another irritation is the idea that the only movies worth watching are on Netflix streaming. There is a wealth of good movies out there. Movies that will disappear and no one will be the wiser. It will be like most of Theda Bara’s filmography, or London After Midnight – gone without a trace because we have let them go, let them fade first into obscurity and then oblivion. I will continue searching for hard to find movies. If I love a movie enough to watch it again, I will buy it. I will support that new director or writer.

Why? Because I really love movies.

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  1. Bryan Lovely says:

    Nevertheless, I would still like to rip the movies we own to hard disk, so that we can access them over the network and not wear out the physical media.

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