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No one who listens to me here should have any misconception that I am any type of professional critic. What I am is a gibbering fan with a platform. I am the safe version of a zealot, with movies for a cause.

Part of me wants to give a concise breakdown of all the wonderful reasons why, when The Guest hit the theaters, you should throw your money at it like rock icons had panties tossed their way in the 1980s. Throw that money till the writers, directors, and actors are sitting in a heaped pile of it looking confused. But the other half of me just wants to scream “OMG!!! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS AWESOME F-ING MOVIE!!”

The Guest is just a wonderful f-ing ride. It is the next effort from the writers and directors of You’re Next (which is also wonderful, and you should go watch it right this very moment). The Guest is a tension filled romp with a soundtrack to die for. Every single actor holds their own, but the biggest surprise in the entire film is Dan Stevens. I would have never guessed that he had this kind of performance in him, but he hit Robert Mitchum Night of the Hunter levels of alternating charm and intimidation.

The bottom line is that this movie should not get the reception that You’re Next got; its theater release came and disappeared. I feel like even with other horror fans I keep having to tell people about it. You need to know the director Adam Wingard’s name. You need to know the writer Simon Barrett’s name. The Guest is suspenseful, funny, violent, and smart. Please go see this movie. You’ll thank me later.

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