Let me tell you about this little film I saw- The Den


The Den


Sometimes you have to take Netflix recommendations with a grain of salt. There is many a movie that I have avoided which came with their stamp of approval. But sometimes there are movies like Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and Grave Encounters where I am pretty certain I owe them a thank you card. The Den came up in my suggestions yesterday, seemed to have a decent premise, and since I was going to be spending the evening on my own I decided to give it a try.

So I think that watching this movie alone in the dark really help set the stage, and brought me on board fast. This movie set the tension bar  fast and kept you there. There was a moment at the end where I was struck by a similarity to the French film Ils AKA Them and, a little more vaguely, the Spanish film Tesis. I enjoyed the story and the journey, there was a bit at the very end where the movie seemed a tad smug with itself, but having enjoyed everything else so much I was willing to overlook it.

I’d have to say I recommend it. It’s scary, fun, and current.
I give it four Walkens.

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