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Why I am proud to own my physical movies.

I used to feel embarrassed about my movie love. I felt like I needed to apologize for how often I watched movies, how much I spent on them, how many I purchased. But finally I hit a point where I … Continue reading

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WMF Horror Movie Friday -Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offers is an atmospheric gem. A family of three rents the old family home of an elderly brother and sister who care for their housebound mother. The siblings rent it out infrequently yet still state they can only rent … Continue reading

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Upcoming movie squee- The Guest

No one who listens to me here should have any misconception that I am any type of professional critic. What I am is a gibbering fan with a platform. I am the safe version of a zealot, with movies for … Continue reading

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A square peg in a round world

These are the stories of women. Women that took different paths. Like salmon swimming upstream they fought to live their lives against the current of societal expectations. Some secretly and some out in plain sight. Finding Vivian Maier In 2009 … Continue reading

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Let me tell you about this little film I saw- The Den

The Den Sometimes you have to take Netflix recommendations with a grain of salt. There is many a movie that I have avoided which came with their stamp of approval. But sometimes there are movies like Behind the Mask: The … Continue reading

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Inspired by Scarecrow Video

One of the promotional rewards for contributing to Scarecrow’s kickstarter effort to go nonprofit was a top ten list that would be posted on their site. Scarecrow isĀ  a wonderful place, I happily contributed but I declined the reward. I … Continue reading

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