WMF Horror Movie Friday -Gothic



Remember that party where everyone was wasted and annoying, you were completely sober, and it was a whole bunch of not fun? That was my feeling upon rewatching Gothic last Friday for my WMF horror movie showing. I purchased the DVD last year based solely on memories of absolutely loving it in my mid-teens. Somewhere between then and now my perspective has changed, and what I likely viewed as whimsical hijinx has been replaced with “Get off my lawn you sotted miscreants!”

Though it did inspire the following conversation:

  • JillianSee?! THEY got to have a seance and contact the dead.
  • JeffAnd look how well that turned out for them.
  • JillianLiterary fame?
  • Six:(to Jeff) …that wasn’t your best argument, there.

Immediately after the movie ended I gave my copy to Jillian to take it home, or anywhere away from me.


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