The Babadook


The BabadookI had heard about The Babadook last year via Killer POV and the ringing endorsement from Elric Kane. I have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to see it. Thankfully it was a part of this year’s Seattle International Film Festival and I happily attended a showing.

It was harrowing, HARROWING, and utterly fantastic. I found it reminiscent of The Yellow Wallpaper and the simmering dread of questioning what is and isn’t real. The acting is spectacular and little boy (played by Noah Wiseman) is as much of a powerhouse as any adult in the film. Essie Davis (as Amelia) is in turns fragile, furious, and sometimes frightening. You actively feel the weight she bears as she shows her grief, her struggles, and her fear. The home almost becomes it’s own character in the film, as you lose the sense of time passing or even if it’s day or night. The gray interior feels removed from reality and very stylized.

It is a rough ride, but well worth it.

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