Spiral was co-directed by Joel David Moore and Adam Green. Before I talk specifically about Spiral, I really want to talk about the co-director Adam Green. He is the creator and director of Hatchet and (not Disney’s) Frozen (2010), creator and writer of Holliston (which is a sitcom about and for horror fans), and part of the duo that does The Movie Crypt with Green & Lynch. I started listening to his podcast last year; I had avoided it, at first, because it was pointedly for people interested in making movies by giving them insight to the industry and process. As a movie fan, I wasn’t sure I wanted the curtain pulled back that far. But I listened to one episode and that led to another, and another. When you listen to him and Joe Lynch talk about their starts and how they work, you get a sense of who they are. They are kind and genuine, they talk honestly about the process  of making a movie, and the glacially moving bureaucracy of trying to work in the industry, but they do it without ever smack-talking or throwing people under the bus. It is easy to become a fan, and feel good supporting them.

On to the movie: Spiral is a creepy little thriller that keeps you guessing, even after the credits roll. Joel David Moore is both one of the writers and the lead. You immediately feel how on the edge his character is, and how tenuous his grasp is on simply functioning. When they introduce his love interest, played by Amber Tamblyn, you fall for her as he does. Things go well with them and you see him start to blossom, which makes it all the more heartbreaking when you see things start to crumble. It’s jazz soundtrack sends you twisting and spiraling through the dark kaleidoscope of this story. It’s uncomfortable, psychological, and leaves you guessing. Give this underrated film a shot, it truly deserves it.




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