WMF Horror Movie Friday – Stir of Echoes



Poor Stir of Echoes had the misfortune of coming out at the same time as The Sixth Sense which was just all around unfortunate because it is just a wonderful little movie. I think could have made quite a mark had it not had the competition it did. Luckily being the long term lover of horror that I am, I immediately saw it when it came out. The showing I did was less about showing something that nobody else had seen and more about everyone revisiting an old friend — although we did have one person in attendance that hadn’t seen it, so all the better. It still stands up and is just as good as I remembered. I hope my speaking out about it makes even more people check it out.

I give it five out of five stars, it’s just a perfectly done movie. It has wonderful actors, a story that captivates and surprises, and never lets you down.

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