WMF Horror Movie Friday – Insidious



A family moves into a new home, and then after a fall the oldest child falls into an unexplainable coma. When supernatural hijinx occur the family does every sensible thing that you typically yell at the screen for them to do.

I really liked this, and the other WMF attendees appeared to enjoy it as well. But the one thing that really hit me is that neither the writer nor director must be a parent. There were so many times when you see plot points happen and I will tell you as the mother of a little girl that is not the way it would happen. You hear a voice on the baby monitor you don’t stop and listen, you run to the room, IMMEDIATELY. You see someone near your child, you jump toward not away. It is not a question.

But all in all the story was well told and fun to watch. I still really recommend it, and will be showing the sequel this Friday.

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