We’ll miss you Bob Hoskins

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The year before I bought I bought a laserdisc player because I had a handful of films that I owned on degrading VHS but are out of print in other formats.  In that handful were, Paperhouse, Big Night, and The Favor, the Watch, and the Very Big Fish.

As most people my age I became familiar with Bob Hoskins due to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. While I absolutely loved it, the movie where he stole my heart came a couple years later. I dated a young man in 1993 that had recently watched and loved The Favor, the Watch, and the Very Big Fish. We watched it one date night and I was sold. It is charming and quirky, and had not only Mr. Hoskins but another favorite actor Jeff Goldblum.

My crush on Bob Hoskins began that night, and stayed with me all these years. He was a nuanced actor.  He always seemed greater than the sum of his parts. His charms overcame his rather brutish visage. In his own words, “I came into this business uneducated, dyslexic, 5ft 6in, cubic, with a face like a squashed cabbage and they welcomed me with open arms.” Because you made us love you, and you will be very missed.

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