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Shoutout for podcasts!

I have links on my site, but these are all such wonderful podcasts I want to give a shoutout. Killer POV The Bloodcast The Movie Crypt with Green & Lynch Faculty of Horror Horror Etc My friend Jeff Harris has … Continue reading

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We’ll miss you Bob Hoskins

The year before I bought I bought a laserdisc player because I had a handful of films that I owned on degrading VHS but are out of print in other formats.  In that handful were, Paperhouse, Big Night, and The … Continue reading

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WMF Horror Movie Friday – Stir of Echoes

Poor Stir of Echoes had the misfortune of coming out at the same time as The Sixth Sense which was just all around unfortunate because it is just a wonderful little movie. I think could have made quite a mark … Continue reading

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As Above, So Below

  This looks fun and creepy! As a fan of the show Cities of the Underworld this is just up my alley!

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Let me tell you about this little film I saw

A new tack I am taking for films that I don’t have the drive to do a full review but deserves a shoutout. Absentia Michael Montoure recommended I give this movie a shot, and I kept putting it off. I actually … Continue reading

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*Trying not to be too spoilery but I will warn you this is a bit spoilery* There are so many good things to like about Oculus. First, it is a very original movie which, in today’s day and age, we … Continue reading

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WMF Horror Movie Friday – Insidious Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2 is one of those sequels where I’m pretty certain you would have to have seen the original to appreciate it. But the thought involved in the crossover between the first and second movie is amazing. Everyone at … Continue reading

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WMF Horror Movie Friday – Insidious

A family moves into a new home, and then after a fall the oldest child falls into an unexplainable coma. When supernatural hijinx occur the family does every sensible thing that you typically yell at the screen for them to … Continue reading

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Headsplody for Phantasm V: Ravager

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