WMF Horror Movie Friday – The Woman in Black


The Woman in Black


A young widowed lawyer is sent to both catalog and arrange the sale of a home in a remote village, after the owner passes away. It is the last opportunity to salvage his career, after grief from his wife’s passing in childbirth causes him to sink into misery. Leaving his four year old son with his nanny, he travels alone to the house with plans for them to join him for a long weekend in the country. Unfortunately, he finds a village under the spell of a vengeful woman in black and steeped in their own mourning, due to the deaths of many of their children due to both accidents and other random unexplained tragedies.

I have seen this, and the original BBC production and enjoyed them both. But the Hammer produced movie is really a beautiful production. It is atmospheric and filled with talent, with an amazing cast that literally has no small parts, everyone shines. The changes to the story only tighten and improve the flow. And the location is another highlight; the desolate marsh is both haunting and oppressive. I just don’t have a bad thing to say about this movie. Another thing that amused me is the sheer amount of people that leapt on the notion of seeing the movie. I had multiple people that were heartbroken that they had other plans the night of the showing, and people that have literally never come to the movie night before that joined us. This is my fourth viewing of the movie and I enjoyed it just as much as I did as the first time in the theater.

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