WMF Horror Movie Friday – The Creature From the Black Lagoon


The Creature From the Black Lagoon


I have been really excited to do a Universal horror movie showing since buying the Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection on Blu-ray, and it has lived up to my every expectation. It was just beautiful, and it felt to me that we were getting to see what the big screen attendees saw back in 1954. I have fond memories of seeing this on my tiny black and white television in my bedroom hosted by horror host Madd Frank. 

My take from the others watching was that they were both impressed and pleasantly surprised at how well time had treated the movie. We got to discover that leading lady Julie Adams had still been acting as of 2007, which is an impressive lengthy career.  After reading the information on the diver, and what he went through in his swimming scenes, I think we were all a little wide-eyed watching them.


Just because this the first of these posts where I discuss our Friday night movies I will cover my rating system:
One star= Hated it
Two stars= Didn’t like it
Three stars= It was decent
Four stars= I really liked it
Five Stars= I loved it

Even after all these years I think the story and acting held up wonderfully. Knowing what they did with the restrictions of the day with the creature, it was fan-f-ing-tastic. I happily give it four stars.

Plus, the creature was completely designed by a woman named Milicent Patrick, who — shame on the studio — was completely uncredited.

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