WMF Friday Night Horror Movie

I do a weekly horror movie night with some of my friends. It’s casual and fun; the decisions on what to show are made the previous weekend or early that week. It’s got a funny little name that goes back to a funny little story –

My friend Michael Montoure invited me to see an early showing of The Conjuring, which I had been really eager to see. Being pre-official premiere it required waiting in line. While we were waiting, I passed a restaurant. A women smiled and asked me what I was waiting to see. I mentioned that we were waiting to see a horror movie, to which she looked shocked. I blinked, replayed the conversation quickly in my head and heard the misheard, “A whore movie.” I quickly clarified, “we are going to see The Conjuring, it’s a HOR-ROR movie.” She then benignly smiled and returned to attending her kids. When Michael returned I shared the story, he laughed and added the additional, “Yes, that is a word you specifically want to enunciate.”

Thus Whore Movie Fridays (Friday Night Horror Movies) was born, regularly shortened to WMF Friday Night Horror Movie.

I love doing this blog. As I have been finding my way and contemplating what I want to cover, I have been thinking that I would like to talk a bit about the previous week’s showing. There will be a short synopsis, the movie art, likely a trailer via youtube, my thoughts and perhaps a bit of the discussion from the attendees. I do mean to keep it rather short and sweet, with the hope that it will inspire discussion.

And yes, I realize that calling it WMF Friday Night Horror Movies, is akin to saying ATM Machine, but I hope you will be forgiving of my idiosyncrasy, and appreciate it with the charm in which it is intended.

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