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Yesterday I spoke of documentaries being a labor of love, but sometimes love goes wrong. These documentaries are windows to when enjoyment turns to obsession.

Room 237
I have to admit to you the first time I saw this I hated it. I walked into it expecting a thorough review and analysis, something along the lines of “Film psychology The Shining spatial awareness and set design“, but felt it was a bait and switch and I was given whack-a-doodles with a microphone. But I heard someone espousing their love for the movie and seeing it less as a documentary about The Shining and more of an art film about obsession and the want to experience something over and over till every little bit of information is gleaned from it — including portions that only they can see.

This movie is about five New York cinephiles who take film obsession to an entirely new level. When I saw this originally I fell in love with the people, even with of all their idiosyncrasies. I forced my husband to watch it and I exclaimed, “Honey! They are like movie watching SUPERHEROES!!!!” He gave me that look that I seem to get on a regular basis and tells me, “No sweetheart, they are insane.”

The American Scream
This is a completely charming documentary about three families in a small town in Massachusetts, that every Halloween build their own personal haunted houses and invite the public to attend. Even where the obsession is not a family affair, the support and enthusiasm from the families is heartwarming.

American Scary
This documentary covers the beginnings of most of the well-known horror hosts across the nation. I remember when Fox started, it was godsend. It gave me Star Trek: The Next Generation, Friday the 13th the Series, and finally Madd Frank. He was our local horror host out of Fargo ND that gave me my first viewing of The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and many other wonderful schlocky movies. He isn’t covered but many of the more famous are and it’s a delight.

Best Worst Movie
This is a look at Troll 2 and its journey from despised sequel to a beloved cult film. I remember when Troll 2 came out because I adored the original Troll, which was charming and sweet, and gave me my first Harry Potter. I was sorely disappointed upon viewing the second because it was just awful. But there are many out there the truly love the idea of the so bad it’s good movie, and this is their story.

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