The Battery


I could tell you all sorts of wonderful things about The Battery, but nothing quite gets the whole effect of the movie on me. This Battery changed what I looked for in movies. I have stopped just passively checking Netflix for what is available on streaming, for the next newly released DVD, the next horror movie to hit the theaters. I heard about The Battery on the Killer POV podcast. Their podcast encouraged me to find other podcasts, to dig through the internet looking for the lesser known movies. The hidden gems that go straight to VOD or get limited theatrical releases. I’ve become aware of how the movie industry has changed, and the surprising ways that people can make movies on their own. My excitement for horror movies was refreshed to such an extent that I started this blog.

The Battery is a six thousand dollar movie, that one man wrote, directed and acted in. It’s a quiet little zombie movie that has very little action but can terrify you while you sit staring at a man sitting in a car alone watching emotions play across his face. You have Mickey and Ben trying to survive in a world overrun with zombies. You get no explanation, no meteor hitting the atmosphere, no cremated bodies raining chemicals on a graveyard, because that doesn’t matter. They matter, their loneliness, their capacity to handle and not handle their present circumstances. It emotionally involves and sometimes angers you. But it feels human, and you empathize with every shock, smile, and misery.

Do yourself a favor, go to, buy the movie and download it. Go to any of the many places where you can rent and buy videos on demand and give this guy your money and consider it well spent.  Because this movie will surprise you, and it’s just that good.


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